Consulting Services

Areas of Expertise

  • Crash analysis involving passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles.
  • Vehicle-pedestrian impacts.
  • Single-vehicle collisions.
  • Speed estimates from damage.
  • "What if" avoidance scenarios.
  • Vehicle dynamics.
  • Interpretation of information retrieved from vehicle event data recorders.
  • Occupant and pedestrian motion.
  • Occupant restraint performance.
  • Defect investigation and failure analysis.
  • Truck air brake efficiency analysis.

When are we retained?

Trantech offers its consulting services to attorneys representing defendants and plaintiffs, insurance companies, prosecutors and police agencies, self-insurers, and government agencies. Usually we are retained:

  • To collect and preserve important data in anticipation of litigation.
  • To evaluate and resolve conflicting opinions.
  • Where vehicle damage calculations are required.
  • When you need to understand the dynamics of the collision.

Trantech can assist you in the understanding of the technical issues involved in your case. If we cannot help, you will be the first to know. We offer objectivity and technical competence at all levels of the assignment.

Detailed Services

The services required by our clients have included:

  • Pre-impact speed analysis
  • Low-speed impact analysis
  • Documentation of collision scene data
  • Evaluation of roadway markings
  • Collision scene plan preparation
  • Documentation of vehicle damage
  • Damage matching and fraud analysis
  • Speed change from damage
  • Interpretation of information retrieved from vehicle event data recorders
  • Rollover and occupant ejection analysis
  • Occupant motion and impact studies
  • Seat belt analysis
  • Analysis of photographs (photogrammetry)
  • Speed-time-distance studies
  • Avoidance potential calculations
  • Technical report preparation
  • Preparation of trial exhibits
  • Deposition and trial testimony


Our office is centrally situated for responsive service to our Washington clientele. Trantech also has facilities in Tucson to serve Arizona. Trantech staff will travel to meet the needs of its clientele. 

Trantech has an extensive research library and sophisticated computer software. Trantech has the skill to use many techniques to solve the problem at hand.

Through ARSoftware, Trantech has developed sophisticated collision analysis software. Nationwide, consultants and police officers have relied on our expertise and experience. ARSoftware developed five programs that ranged from basic tools for investigators to advanced tools such as WinCRASH and WinSMAC that assisted with the reconstruction and simulation of two-vehicle collisions. We developed a truck air brake effectiveness tool that can calculate their stopping capability.

Trantech has developed and can rely upon a national network of experts with complementary expertise to assist you with your requirements.

Consultant Teams

Trantech can help in providing or recommending outside qualified professionals to assist you with related issues, which include:

  • Police investigation skills
  • Lighting and visibility issues
  • Human factors
  • Automotive mechanical inspections
  • Large truck systems
  • Model making
  • Video accident simulation
  • Site surveying
  • Vehicle fire investigation

Presentation of Results

Trantech recognizes the importance of quality presentations and the need to explain and simplify complex technical ideas to a jury or other fact-finder. Simple examples are available within the knowledge of the layperson to explain complex dynamic events associated with vehicle collisions. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make your case as persuasive as possible.

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