Trantech Corporation

Trantech offers competent and highly-regarded collision reconstruction services from its offices in the greater Seattle and Tucson areas.

Trantech uses many techniques to solve the problem at hand. We have an extensive research library and sophisticated computer tools.

One such resource is the ARSoftware line of collision analysis software that Trantech developed and has sold to law enforcement agencies and other consultants.

But we don't stop with in-house tools. Trantech is licensed to use PC-Crash, a sophisticated 3D program that can assist with the analysis of complex problems. We are also certified analysts of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR System), which is used to interrogate vehicle event data recorders. This is an important technology for fully understanding a collision.

Trantech's President is Tim Moebes. Mr. Moebes is a professional mechanical engineer licensed by the State of Washington. Mr. Moebes graduated cum laud from the University of British Columbia in 1984 and since 1985 has spent his professional career in the field of collision analysis. Please feel free to contact Mr. Moebes if you have any questions about how a mechanical engineer can assist with your understanding of your case.

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